Visualization of the global spread of COVID-19

Interactive 3D visualization of geotagged time dependent data is among the tools that Oraclum Intelligence Systems develops of its visual analytics tasks. In this demo we use the data on the spread of coronavirus disease COVID-19, which contains both the geo location and the time stamp.

The interactive graph shows the increase in the number of confirmed CONVID-19 disease cases around the globe starting from January 22nd. Updated on a daily basis it facilitates the tracking of the spread. The infection started in China and now it is affecting 33 countries and territories. Besides China, at the moment the most critical situations are in South Korea, Italy, Japan and Iran.

The data we use is aggregated and made public by the Johns Hopkins University. The visualization uses THREE.js and D3.js libraries for drawing interactive globe and racing bar charts. This app was created for educational, non-commercial purposes.

The visualization is available at:

UPDATE March 12, 2020: An updated version of the visualization is now online. It includes several datasets, with either total (cumulative) or daily numbers of confirmed cases, recovered cases and deaths.

Interactive visualization of COVID-19 spread



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