There is only one Democratic primary candidate that outperforms Trump on Twitter

Analysis of Twitter hashtags of candidates for US elections done by Prospectus Research in collaboration with Oraclum Intelligence Systems uncovered a host of interesting results. Judging solely by online activity over the past two weeks, only a single candidate in the Democratic primary race outperformed Trump on Twitter – Tulsi Gabbard. Prospectus Research performed an […]

UK general election poll tracker (NOT our prediction)

We are NOT predicting the 2017 UK general election. Unfortunately. They came too soon given their specifics (one must do polling in a number of toss-up constituencies to make sure to deliver an accurate prediction). But we did keep track of what all other polls were saying. What seemed like a Conservative landslide only last month […]

Our NEW rankings of UK pollsters

Last year, before the Brexit referendum, we offered the first unbiased ranking of UK pollsters. This was our effort to vindicate some in the polling business during a time of widespread public anger over their failure to correctly predict the outcome of the 2015 UK general election (despite the fact that making predictions is not […]

France: our final prediction

Our survey for the French elections is now officially complete. We would first and foremost like to thank everyone who participated and made our prediction possible. We analyzed the first round results in our previous post this week, and concluded that although this election seems like a landslide victory for Macron, things won’t go down […]

Who will be the next President of France?

From the team that successfully predicted the victory of Donald Trump comes a new prediction survey for the upcoming second round of the French presidential elections. Vuk Vukovic, Oraclum’s director and Ilona Lahdelma, his colleague from Oxford with in-depth knowledge of french politics, discuss the results of the first round, its implications for the second, the precision […]

Comparing Brexit and Trump

What the voters found important in the Brexit referendum and the US elections?   After the two most turbulent political events of 2016, the UK Brexit referendum and the victory of Donald Trump in the US Presidential elections, one cannot help to make comparisons between the two. Both attracted the same type of voter support […]

Post-election analysis: have the polls underestimated Trump?

In the previous post we discussed the precision of our model’s result, particularly compared to predictions made by other forecasters and pollsters. On a state-by-state level our BASON method was arguably the most precise, having missed only 3 states: Michigan, Wisconsin and New Hampshire. However, for Wisconsin we did not have enough survey respondents, so […]