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Comparing Brexit and Trump

Comparing Brexit and Trump Posted on Jan 12, 2017

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3D interactive visualization of election...

3D interactive visualization of election results Posted on Jun 6, 2016

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France: post-election analysis

France: post-election analysis Posted on May 8, 2017

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Election 2016: What the others are saying?

As you may or may not know, we have been tracking a considerable amount of benchmark predictions over the past month or so, to get a feel of where the race is going. We tracked everything, from polling aggregation sites to a number of poll and non-poll based models, to the prediction markets, and even the GJP superforecasters.  The...

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Election2016: A comparison of predictions

NOTE: This text is being regularly updated. Current data is from October 30th 2016.  In addition to our central prediction method (the BASON survey described in the previous blog) we will use a series of benchmarks for comparison compiled from a multitude of available polls, predictions, models, markets, etc. whose predictions we...

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Who will be the next US President? Forecasting #Election2016

Over the next month Oraclum I.S. will be engaged in forecasting the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential elections. It has been a hectic electoral year, culminating in the unexpected nomination of Donald Trump from the Republican Party and the unexpectedly difficult path to nomination for the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. So...

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What went wrong and what went right with our latest prediction?

Sep 15, 16 What went wrong and what went right with our latest prediction?

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The results of the Croatian election came as a surprise to many. All the pollsters (in total only 4, in addition to our BASON survey) gave the SDP-led coalition an advantage from 3 to 7 seats over HDZ. In fact, the election result for the first two parties was the exact opposite of what the polls were saying – it was SDP that...

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Final prediction of the Croatian 2016 general election

Sep 09, 16 Final prediction of the Croatian 2016 general election

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This week we were focused on predicting the outcome of the forthcoming Croatian general election. We did the same thing last year and were not expecting to do Croatian elections again, at least until the local elections in 2017. However, the new government – formed after almost 2 months of post-election negotiations –...

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Analysis of the Brexit referendum results and our predictions

Jun 24, 16 Analysis of the Brexit referendum results and our predictions

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On yesterday’s historic referendum, Britain has voted Leave. It was decided by a small margin, 51.9% to 48.1% in favour of Leave, with turnout at a high 72.2% (highest since the 1990s). The outcome dealt a decisive blow against PM David Cameron who announced his resignation in the morning. The markets have had a strong negative...

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Brexit: Our final prediction

Jun 23, 16 Brexit: Our final prediction

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Our final prediction is a close victory for Remain. According to our BAFS method Remain is expected to receive a vote share of 50.5%, giving it a 52.3% chance of winning. Our prediction produces a probability distribution shown on the graph above (see explanation on the right), presenting a range of likely scenarios for the given...

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